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......@@ -118,13 +118,8 @@ Overview Tab
This tab gives you a quick overview of the subject data. Importantly, it offers
different legal bases for storing the subject data in Castellum. You can check,
add or rather edit the consent that applies:
- **Recruitment consent**
- **Study consent**
- **Legal representative**
- **Subject blocked**
different :ref:`legal bases <legal-basis>` for storing the subject data in
Castellum. You can check, add or rather edit the basis that applies.
.. _subject-contact-tab:
......@@ -308,7 +303,7 @@ please proceed as follows:
Deleting a subject who has legal representatives will **not** automatically
delete the corresponding legal representatives. However, if there is no
other reason to keep the legal representatives in Castellum, they will
appear in the data protection dashboard.
appear in the :ref:`data protection dashboard <data-protection-dashboard>`.
.. _subject-add-to-study:
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Welcome to Castellum's documentation!
.. _legal-basis:
Legal basis
GDPR only allows processing of personal data if there is at least one legal
basis. The available legal bases are defined in Art. 6, Art. 9 GDPR. In the
context of Castellum, we consider a very limited set. Except for recruitment
consent, the legal basis is deduced from available information.
- **Recruitment consent**: The subject has given explicit consent for being
contacted for future studies. See :ref:`subject-consent`.
- **Study consent**: This applies if the subject either participates in a
study or is currently in the process of being recruited for one. This is
valid until the study has been deleted or the subject drops out of the
- **Legal representative**: As long as a subject is the legal representative
for another subject it is assumed that the legal basis for the other
subject extends to this one.
- **Subject blocked**: In order to guarantee that a subject who has shown
inappropriate behavior will not be invited to studies again, the fact
*that* they are blocked can be stored without further consent.
If a subject does not have any legal basis for being in the database they will
appear in the :ref:`data protection dashboard <data-protection-dashboard>` so
their case can be reviewed and their data can be deleted from the system.
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