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......@@ -118,13 +118,8 @@ Overview Tab
This tab gives you a quick overview of the subject data. Importantly, it offers
different legal bases for storing the subject data in Castellum. You can check,
add or rather edit the consent that applies:
- **Recruitment consent**
- **Study consent**
- **Legal representative**
- **Subject blocked**
different :ref:`legal bases <legal-basis>` for storing the subject data in
Castellum. You can check, add or rather edit the basis that applies.
.. _subject-contact-tab:
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Welcome to Castellum's documentation!
.. _legal-basis:
Legal basis
GDPR only allows processing of personal data if there is at least one legal
basis. The available legal bases are defined in Art. 6, Art. 9 GDPR. In the
context of Castellum, we consider a very limited set. Except for recruitment
consent, the legal basis is deduced from available information.
- **Recruitment consent**: The subject has given explicit consent for being
contacted for future studies. See :ref:`subject-consent`.
- **Study consent**: This applies if the subject either participates in a
study or is currently in the process of being recruited for one. This is
valid until the study has been deleted or the subject drops out of the
- **Legal representative**: As long as a subject is the legal representative
for another subject it is assumed that the legal basis for the other
subject extends to this one.
- **Subject blocked**: In order to guarantee that a subject who has shown
inappropriate behavior will not be invited to studies again, the fact
*that* they are blocked can be stored without further consent.
If a subject does not have any legal basis for being in the database they will
appear in the :ref:`data protection dashboard <data-protection-dashboard>` so
their case can be reviewed and their data can be deleted from the system.
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