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disable recruitment/appointments

Bengfort requested to merge spike-no-recruitment into main

Some institutes may not need some features. That refers to many small features, but also to some bigger ones like recruitment and appointments. I can think of 3 ways to do this:

  • Allow to disable the corresponding apps completely by removing them from INSTALLED_APPS
    • This would require a complex plugin system, e.g. to hook an attribute form into subject management.
    • This was our original idea, but we went away from that a long time ago because of the inherent complexity (see !580 (merged)). This was one of the more controversial decisions during development.
  • Allow to disable the UI
    • This is what this MR implements
    • There is much less complexity in the code (no plugin system required), but it still hard to reason about UI issues because there are additional options that can have a major impact.
  • Just ignore that the features exist
    • no changes to the code necessary
    • shifts the burden to our users


  • The recruitment settings UI contains some settings that do not belong to recruitment
    • sessions (appointments) (fixed in !1762 (merged))
    • mail settings (news/appointment reminders) (the email itself is already configured under "general")
  • The "add to study" view relies on the contact view from the recruitment app (see !1775 (closed))
  • Some subject fields are not relevant outside of recruitment
    • recruitment consent
    • availability
    • study type disinterest I confused with suitability document

Interesting aside: I was surprised that execution is not optional, or at least I think it is. It is required to get a subject's pseudonym. But apart from that there is not much there. Appointments are optional, news are not major feature, and subject export depends on attributes which arguable belong to the optional recruitment.

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