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# Xnat .tar.gz-Uploader
This project contains a shell-script which uploads all compressed dicom files in a specified folder.
## Files
* many-decom-targz-files-xnat-importer *shell-script, which does all the work*
## Prerequisites
* Bash
* cURL (mostly pre-installed on Linux-systems)
## How to use
* alter the fields in the shell-skript for your demands:
* `USER=`... *your xnat-user-name*
* `PASSWORD=`... *the password of your user*
* `HOST=`... *the adress of your xnat-server*
* `PROJECT=`... *the project, where you want to upload the decom-images*
* DIRECTORY=... *the directory of the files you want to upload*
* run the shell-script
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