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Archive txt view

Bengfort requested to merge archive-txt into main

This view can be used to generate a metadata file similar to the ones we use for archived study folders. Example:

study ID: 2-asd
study title: kajsdlkjasd
original storage location: smb://
contact person: admin <>
    Et provident voluptatum sed velit. Nemo delectus asperiores eum
    omnis. Itaque tempore quia et similique numquam ut temporibus id.
    Aliquid exercitationem dolor quis aspernatur sint. Error nesciunt
    sint non alias et cum eaque inventore.

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    omnis quia vitae omnis et dolores nemo sapiente. Sequi a eos
    delectus aut ut aut qui omnis. Nam sint et sit et. Architecto ex
    itaque cum.

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    eveniet perferendis quia. Voluptas nam inventore animi quis
    molestias. Dolor sed voluptate architecto numquam quidem qui.
    Nulla iusto dolorem eius in qui officia molestiae aut. Dignissimos
    fugiat qui odio reiciendis culpa.

    Aut aut eaque autem ut et. Aut molestiae doloremque aut porro.
    Dolorem laudantium voluptates error quod.

    Repellendus consequatur deserunt fugiat earum aut saepe qui. Ut
    natus nesciunt et. Sit repudiandae eius sapiente consequatur. Aut
    mollitia rerum nulla ab.
period of data collection:
  - 2023-06-13 - 2023-06-16
  - 2023-06-07 - 2023-06-23
group members:
  - admin <>
  - ghINYWZCVyHIPdyqAsovjduBFuIBlKSWRXQtxovMDdsrxUTUrSMdOEkNzvKSJeqpaorZbfmyXdmstJFoaglaciWoiysiMslejCXUoRAhjLfoNeXbzzsSUwphBNZCQZnbiONkFJQCvhYUWcMUiUtAZs <>
  - Hege Johannesen (2020). En kjapp registrering etter en lang dag. asd.
  - G. Voyatzis, I. Pitas (1999). The use of watermarks in the protection of digital multimedia products. Proc. IEEE.

The template is a bit weird. I did not want to go full yaml (too technical and requires a new dependency). But django templaes do not strip whitespace on template-only lines. So the template turned out to be a little awkward (and I didn't find a way to remove the blank line at the end).

This view is very special purpose, so it is not linked anywhere. Instead, you find it by appending /archive.txt to the study URL.

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