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Explain make appointments by Castellum users

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......@@ -61,13 +61,13 @@ rooms or machines that can not be used in more than one appointment at a time.
Relevant guides:
- :ref:`study-sessions`
- :ref:`recruitment-appointments`
- :ref:`set-up-external-scheduler`
- :ref:`make-appointments-with-external-scheduler`
- :ref:`access-calendar-feeds`
.. TODO::
- make appointments
- manage resources
......@@ -54,8 +54,8 @@ the dates for appointments for study sessions themselves.
.. _make-appointments-with-external-scheduler:
Make appontments with the external scheduler
Make appointments with the external scheduler
Castellum allows the use of an external scheduler. That way subjects can select
the dates for appointments for study sessions themselves.
......@@ -70,3 +70,43 @@ Recruit subjects via mail
4. Enter the number of subjects that you want to contact
5. Click **Send**
.. _recruitment-appointments:
Make appointments for sessions
.. note::
This describes setting up appointments **for** the participants manually by
Castellum users. There is also a guide on how to use the optional external
scheduler feature in Castellum that offers potential participants to select
appointments by themselves: :ref:`make-appointments-with-external-scheduler`.
If you are recruiting for a study that has at least one session Castellum allows
you to set up appointments for the participants:
1. In recruitment click on **Contact** in the *Open* list or on **Review** in the
*Participating* list to get the details of the participant. Go to the tab
2. The tab **Appointments** offers a date and time field for every session of
the study. Click and populate those session fields that need to be appointed
at this moment.
.. hint::
Study execution provides the same feature to make appointments with
participating subjects. Thus, this can also be done by study conductors.
3. The **Calendar** button in the **Appointments** tab opens a new window and
allows you to have a look at all already appointed sessions of the study.
This calendar will also show appointments of resources if they are connected
to a study session (see :ref:`study-sessions`).
.. warning::
Castellum only detects appointment collisions for connected resources! In
other words Castellum allows you to save various concurrent appointments if
the session doesn't have a resource connected.
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ When adding a test session:
- Always give the session a **Name** and specify the **Duration of a session
in minutes** (duration will be used for appointment booking)
- Additionally, select the **Type** of the session and (if applicable at your
institute) select a **Ressource**
institute) select a **Resource**
- **Additional text for reminder emails** allows you to provide information
to subjects prior to the actual appointment. You can send yourself a test
mail to check the appearance of session reminders by using the
......@@ -127,13 +127,9 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`subject-search`
- :ref:`recruitment`
- :ref:`recruitment-mail`
- :ref:`recruitment-appointments`
- :ref:`make-appointments-with-external-scheduler`
.. TODO::
- make appointments
Study Conductor
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