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......@@ -8,3 +8,22 @@ Study execution lists all particpating subjects of a list. Most importantly it
allows you to obtain pseudonyms for each participant as described here:
.. _execution-annotations:
Conductor Annotations on participants
The participant details in study execution allow you to add additional hints
that may be important for you or other conductors when working with this
participant. The **Hints** tab offers you
- to specify the interest in future study outcomes. All interescted participants
can be contacted later via the **News** tab in study execution.
- to assign a conductor who should be working with the participant.
- select **Execution tags** that may help to comply with processes or similar.
If the standard tags are not sufficient for your workflow click on
**Manage tags** to add, edit or delete them.
- mark the participant as unreliable. This information will be used for future
study recruitments or study executions allowing other Castellum users to
assess a potential subject and take precautions if necessary.
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