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......@@ -117,3 +117,33 @@ you to set up appointments for the participants:
Castellum only detects appointment collisions for connected resources! In
other words Castellum allows you to save various concurrent appointments if
the session doesn't have a resource connected.
.. _recruitment-cleanup:
Cleanup open list in recruitment
The open list in study recruitment can become quite large and noisy if you are
waiting for many responses and/or failed to reach many potential participants.
Therefore, Castellum provides a cleanup feature:
1. Scroll down to the end of the open list in recruitment and click on
2. Decide if you want to cleanup the *complete* open list (**All**) or
only those potential participants whose status is marked as
**Awaiting response** for more than 10 days. The third option allows you to
run potentially modified recruitment filters on the list (**Mismatch**). This
allows to cleanup those who do not match anymore. A click on either of these
buttons will start the cleanup process.
3. After cleaning up the affected potential participants will be moved to the
**Excluded** list with the additional tag **Excluded by cleanup**. This may
allow you to reconsider contacting some of them.
The open list also gets quickly populated by mail recruitment (if set up) with
many potential participants with the status **Awaiting response**. Thus,
Castellum additionally allows to cleanup by mail batches:
1. Go to the **Mail** tab in recruitment and select an appropriate entry of the
**Previous mails** list. Select **Cleanup**.
2. Confirm that you want to cleanup all potential participants of the mail batch
who did not respond.
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