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......@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ external survey services.
Relevant guides:
- :ref:`study-domains`
- :ref:`subject-by-pseudonym`
- :ref:`subject-get-pseudonym`
.. todo::
- manage study domains
- find participation by study pseudonym
- attribute export
Using pseudonyms from general domains
......@@ -92,13 +92,11 @@ studies.
Relevant guides:
- :ref:`admin-general-domains`
- :ref:`admin-users`
- :ref:`study-domains`
- :ref:`subject-get-pseudonym`
.. todo::
- manage general domains
- add general domains to study
- allow users to access general domains
- subject export/delete
- :ref:`subject-delete`
Database split
......@@ -13,10 +13,12 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`subject-search`
- :ref:`subject-create`
- :ref:`subject-edit`
- :ref:`subject-by-pseudonym`
- :ref:`subject-get-pseudonym`
- :ref:`subject-to-be-deleted`
- :ref:`subject-delete`
- :ref:`study-create`
- :ref:`study-domains`
- :ref:`study-delete`
- :ref:`data-protection-dashboard`
- :ref:`subject-export`
......@@ -13,8 +13,9 @@ Manage Users
5. Add the appropriate global :ref:`roles`
6. Add the appropriate :ref:`privacy-level`
7. Set an expiration date
8. Click on one of the saving options
7. Add the appropriate **general domains**
8. Set an expiration date
9. Click on one of the saving options
.. _admin-unlock:
......@@ -121,3 +122,16 @@ case there is a two step process:
up in the data protection dashboard.
The legal basis for each subject can be found in the subject detail view.
.. _admin-general-domains:
Manage general domains
1. Click on **Admin** on the front page
2. Go to **Domains**
3. Click on **Add Domain** (oval with grey background)
4. Enter a name
5. Leave the ``object_id`` and ``content_type`` fields empty
6. Click on one of the saving options
.. _subject-by-pseudonym:
Find subject by study pseudonym
1. Click on **Studies** on the front page
2. In the list of studies, find the study and click **Execution**
3. Go to the **By pseudonym** tab
4. Enter the pseudonym. If there is more than one study domain, you also have
to select the correct domain.
.. _subject-get-pseudonym:
Get the pseudonyms of a subject
......@@ -172,6 +172,18 @@ your study:
links can be inserted as standard text.
.. _study-domains:
Manage study pseudony domains
In the **Pseudonym domains** tab you can add a new domain or change the name of
an existing domain.
If there are general domains you can also define which general domains need to
be accessed in the context of this study.
.. _study-members:
Manage study members
......@@ -284,7 +284,15 @@ please proceed as follows:
- Once the responsible contact person has confirmed the deletion of all
data, delete the participation record using the **Delete** button.
3. Once all participation have been deleted you will see a message saying
3. If you see a message saying **This subject may still have data in general
domains.**, proceed as follows:
- Click on **Pseudonyms** next to **General pseudonym domains** to get a
list of pseudonyms.
- Contact the responsible person for each general domain and make sure
that all data is deleted.
4. Once all participation have been deleted you will see a message saying
**Are you sure you want to permanently delete this subject and all related
data?** You can now click **Confirm** and the subject will be deleted.
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`study-members`
- :ref:`study-sessions`
- :ref:`study-recruitment-settings`
- :ref:`study-domains`
- :ref:`study-finish`
- :ref:`study-delete`
- :ref:`set-up-external-scheduler`
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