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rm coverletter

Bengfort requested to merge rm-coverletter into main

The coverletter feature was supposed to make it easier for users to send form letters to subjects. The users name and address was automatically injected into a docx template.

This never really worked because of some major limitations:

  • The coverletter was only available in subject management.
  • You could only create a coverletter for a single subject at a time, no serial letters.
  • It was not possible to provide different templates. There was one globally defined template (most likely without content). You then had to enter the content into the generated document into a second step.
  • Templating with docx is complicated both in the code as well as for the person supposed to provide the template.

It is much easier to enter a name and an address into an existing document that it is to copy a complete document into an empty one that already has the name and address. Therefore a reasonable alternative is to allow users to easily copy the name and address from castellum.

This is already possible in recruitment/execution. In subject management, the address is split into several form fields and cannot easily be selected for copying. I tried to integrate a UI similar to the one from recruitment/execution into the subject detail page, but the result looked pretty messy, especially when there were legal representatives.

So now I am proposing to remove the coverletter anyway, even without a replacement.

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