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2508 should delete participations

Bengfort requested to merge 2508-should-delete-participations into main

Participations for which all pseudonyms have been deleted are only useful for excluded studies in future recruitments. So if a subject does not have recruitment consent there is no legal basis to keep those participations. This is new because so far we only displayed subjects in the data protection dashboard, not individual participations.

I approached this by showing the whole subject in the data protection dashboard, but with a badge in a new color (danger/red) saying "some participations should be deleted". As you can see in the screenshot below, that text doesn't really fit in the available space (some space is reserved for the due date), so I would like to find a shorter text.

Once you go to the deletion page for that subject you will get yet another badge telling you which participations do no longer have pseudonyms. This badge is displayed regardless of whether the subject has recruitment consent or not because I figured that it is also helpful for regular deletion.

At the moment this process is very implicit. There is not much connecting those two badges, so a users would have to know what to look for. Still I like that this provides all required information without major conceptual changes to the UI.

Screenshot of subject deletion

Screenshot of data protection dashboard

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