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would not reinvite

Bengfort requested to merge execution-update-view into main

This adds a new field Participation.would_not_reinvite which is planned to replace Appointment.show_up. There are many open questions though:

  • Default value: IMHO it makes sense to assume that everythink is good, but some users expressed the wish to more explicit. We could use null as a default value
  • double negative: On the one hand, boolean options should default to False. On the other hand, boolean variables should have a positive name to avoid double negatives. I broke the latter rule here.
  • Wording: Both the name of the field as well as the help text
  • UI: I wasn't sure where to add the checkbox. The only place that made some sense was the view where you can enter a subject's news interest. (I was also thinking about merging the dropout view into this, but that had some technical difficulties.)

Things I did not yet tackle

  • migrating from the old data (proposal: would_not_reinvite = showup_score > 5)
  • aggregate the values from all participations into a single "trafic lights" score
  • replacing showup by this new mechanism (see also !1877 (closed))
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