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Generate study entries for public website

Bengfort requested to merge studies-public-view into main

This is a very early attempt to automatically generate entries for the MPIB website.


There are quite some issues:

  • Study.description might be directed at different audiences. It is not clear whether this is usable for addressing potential subjects.
  • Converting filters to a human readable format can be complex. I just did a simple approximation for now.
    • It is not clear how to display different filter groups. For this example I chose to only show the subset of filters that is common among all filter groups.
    • We could extend the AttributeDescription model to include text blocks for this. That would be a more significant change than just adding a new view.
  • An email address can currently only be set if you also set subject and body for mail recruitment. There is also currently no way to provide a phone number for the study. We might want to change that. (Might also be interesting for a general mail footer)
  • There is currently no way to provide a link to an online survey.
  • It is not clear how we would include exclusion criteria as they are currently targeted at recruiters, not subjects.

Finally, it is not yet clear how this content would be transferred to the website.

I think the underlying question is whether this should be an automatic or semi-automatic process. The current version could already be sufficient if the goal is to support a human in keeping the relevant page up-to-date. However, if the goal is to fully automate the process, much more meta data is required.

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