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Spike: statistics

Bengfort requested to merge spike-statistics into main

In this branch I experimented with statistics. Major changes:

  • The attributes used for statistics can be defined for each study (only attributes with privacy_level_read=0 as before)
  • There can be more than two such attributes
  • No combined charts; Instead, there is a separate chart for each attribute
  • The recruitment list can be sorted by each of the attributes individually
  • Display stats also in recruitment detail and execution list/detail
  • Change styling of stats and also include label (see #54 (closed))
  • Allow to export CSV with pseudonyms and attributes for every participation
  • The AttributeField interface was simplified a bit.
  • It is now possible to use any attribute type for statistics, even if it does not provide rough k-anonymity. This either has to be changed or we need to implement clustering for all types.
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