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1605 recruiment unified calendar

Bengfort requested to merge 1605-recruiemnt-unified-calendar into master

This is an alternative approach to !1368 (closed). Instead of two distinct calendars for studies and resources there is only one calendar that contains both.

  • appointments are color-coded based on their resource
    • the color is derived from the resource id, so it is the same across studies
    • I reused the colors from the statistics graphs
    • there are only 6 different colors
  • appointments from other studies are semi-transparent

I am not sure if it would be a good idea to provide an equivalent feed. We could add categegories which thunderbird displays as colored ribbons (there are also resources but thunderbird doesn't even have UI to enter them). But it would probably be both easier and more flexible to provide separate feeds for resources and studies so recruiters can mix and match themselves.


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