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add minor fixes in wording, typos and syntax

Lennart Wittkuhn requested to merge (removed):master into master

Hey @zika,

well done with the text, I liked it!

here are my proposed changes. As you can see, I mostly fixed a few typos and wording. Especially the changes in wording might be a bit subjective (for example, I don't like abbreviations like "don't" in official texts and rather use "do not"), so feel free to omit those.

A few more general comments:

  • I wondered about the "personal lens" you spoke about. I think you should be careful not to make it sound like you are creating personalized profiles of participants etc., especially since they are sharing rather personal data with you (feelings, thoughts etc.). So I would maybe add something like that you are pooling the qualitative answers etc.)
  • Maybe I would add who is behind the project (if that wasn't clear to participants before)? That maybe fosters a feeling of a bit more personal connection to the participants - but maybe participants did not indicate that they are interested to learn more about you?
  • I would maybe add a few more sentences why this research is relevant, e.g., "This research will help us to understand the development of worries related to Covid-19 crisis in more detail" and e.g., "... to influence policies that foster emotional well-being during stressful life periods" (I am making this up, but you get the point).

Finally one technical suggestion: I would try to have one sentence per line. This will make git diffs easier to interpret and AFAIK Markdown processors will still render as one text block.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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