Commit 7f5e15eb authored by Franziska Koehn's avatar Franziska Koehn
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functions for getting search-types and their fields from json files

parent 23ef071b
......@@ -48,12 +48,23 @@ def get_data_types():
DIR = 'datatypes/'
files = [ f for f in listdir(DIR) if isfile(join(DIR,f)) ]
result = []
for file in files:
with open(join(DIR,file)) as f:
yield json.loads(['root-type']
except ValueError:
yield None
return result
def get_field_labels_of_type(type):
result = []
fields = get_fields_of_type(type)
if fields is not None:
for f in fields:
return result
def get_fields_of_type(type):
from os import listdir
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