Commit 72f2fa3d authored by Franziska Koehn's avatar Franziska Koehn
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names of downloaded files changed

parent 8d565684
......@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ def download(result, dest_folder='', host=None, cb=(lambda *_: None), cb_args=()
experiment = result['xnat_mrsessiondata_session_id']
project = result['xnat_mrsessiondata_project']
scan = result['id']
file_name = "%s/%s_%s_%s" % (dest_folder, subject, result['type'], scan)
file_name = "%s/%s-%s-%s-%s" % (dest_folder, project, subject, experiment, scan)
download_file(host, project, subject, experiment, scan, file_name)
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