Commit bc8ac31a authored by Lennart Wittkuhn's avatar Lennart Wittkuhn
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remove unncessary package ggm

parent 465a98c8
......@@ -10,12 +10,12 @@ source(file.path(path_root, "code", "highspeed-analysis-source.R"))
# cf.
#devtools::install_version("ggplot2", version = "3.3.0", repos = "")
# create an array with all required packages:
packages <- c("R.matlab", "ggplot2", "dplyr", "ggpubr", "psyphy", "ggm",
packages <- c("R.matlab", "ggplot2", "dplyr", "ggpubr", "psyphy",
"corrplot", "reshape2", "afex", "polycor", "tinytex", "extrafont",
"viridis", "rjson", "jsonlite", "tidyr", "combinat", "rlist",
"lemon", "doMC", "plyr", "styler", "gridExtra", "grid",
"data.table", "NameNeedle", "textreuse", "stringdist", "emmeans",
"RColorBrewer", "tidyverse", "gtools", "cowplot", "emmeans",
"RColorBrewer", "tidyverse", "gtools", "cowplot",
"assertr", "lavaan", "rmarkdown", "readr", "caTools", "bitops",
"broom", "ggridges", "nloptr", "devtools", "bookdown", "rstatix",
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