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adjust file paths

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# find the path to the root of this project:
path_root <- rprojroot::find_rstudio_root_file()
if (!requireNamespace("here")) install.packages("here")
if ( basename(here::here()) == "highspeed" ) {
path_root = here::here("highspeed-analysis")
} else {
path_root = here::here()
source(file.path(path_root, "code", "highspeed-analysis-source.R"))
# reverting to ggplot2 version 3.2.1 for lemon compatibility
# cf.
......@@ -17,22 +22,22 @@ packages <- c("R.matlab", "ggplot2", "dplyr", "ggpubr", "psyphy", "ggm",
# load packages using the load_packages function:
load_packages(packages_list = packages)
# specify paths:
source(here::here("code", "highspeed-cluster-permutation.R"))
source(here::here("code", "raincloud-plots", "tutorial_R", "R_rainclouds.R"))
source(here::here("code", "raincloud-plots", "tutorial_R", "summarySE.R"))
source(file.path(path_root, "highspeed-cluster-permutation.R"))
source(file.path(path_root, "raincloud-plots", "tutorial_R", "R_rainclouds.R"))
source(file.path(path_root, "raincloud-plots", "tutorial_R", "summarySE.R"))
# path to figures created by the analysis code:
path_figures <- here::here("figures")
# path to the participants.tsv file (according to BIDS):
# datalad get data/bids/participants.tsv
path_participants <- here::here("data", "bids", "participants.tsv")
path_participants <- file.path(path_root, "data", "bids", "participants.tsv")
# path to the events.tsv files (according to BIDS):
path_events <- here::here("data", "bids", "*", "*", "func", "*events.tsv")
path_events <- file.path(path_root, "data", "bids", "*", "*", "func", "*events.tsv")
# path to data from the decoding analysis:
path_pred <- here::here("data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*decoding.csv")
path_pred <- file.path(path_root, "data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*decoding.csv")
# path to the data from the mask thresholding:
path_thresh <- here::here("data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*thresholding.csv")
path_thresh <- file.path(path_root, "data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*thresholding.csv")
# path to the data of the voxel patterns:
path_patterns <- here::here("data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*voxel_patterns_union.csv")
path_patterns <- file.path(path_root, "data", "decoding", "*", "data", "*voxel_patterns_union.csv")
# Load all [BIDS]( events files:
# read all events files and concatenate them in a data table:
# datalad get data/bids/sub-*/ses-*/func/*events.tsv
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