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intro: sort of update specs

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......@@ -21,10 +21,9 @@ Tardis
Some technical facts:
+ **832** Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 CPU cores(no HT) inside 48 Dell m6x0 blade servers
+ **R**:sub:`max` = 9.9 TFlops, **R**:sub:`peak` = 14.8 TFlops
+ **8.32TB** total amount of memory
+ **32TB** of attached NFS storage
+ **4.1TB** experimental glusterfs storage
+ simple 2-level fat tree network with a theoretical bisection bandwidth of **40GB/s**
+ **10.6TB** total amount of memory
+ **747 TB** of attached BeeGFS storage
+ **10GB/s** fully-connected Ethernet
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