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......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ servers.
When you work on network folders on the tardis there is no such thing as trash.
When you accidentally remove a folder, it is **gone**. This also accounts for
mounted network folders! Please remember that restoring network file server
mounted network folders! Please remember that restoring large network file server
backups are extremely costly and take a lot of time. Also note that the Tardis
itself (i.e. your Home Directory) does **not** have a backup at all.
......@@ -170,36 +170,15 @@ If you want to mount another folder either create a different target directory o
You can check all your currently mounted folders with :program:`mount` and filtering by
your username with :program:`mount | grep $USER`.
SMBNetFs (deprecated)
.. note::
*Although it might still work, this approach is not recommended anymore.*
Mounting network folders is a manual process and the connection **only exists
on the machine you issue the mount on**. Primarily for performance reasons,
they are not transparently handed down to the execution nodes and thus do
not work in your scripts out of the box. Usually you need to make a copy of
your data on the login/master node and then have your jobs work on that
When you login with your password the folder :file:`MPIB-SAMBA` should be
populated with all the detected file servers, like :file:`mpib06, mpib10 or
dfs1`. You can simply navigate to the desired folder and use :program:`cp, mv,
rm etc` on those folders:
.. code-block:: bash
krause@master:~> $ cd MPIB-SAMBA/dfs1
krause@master:~/MPIB-SAMBA/dfs1> $ ls
Bibliothek FB-ABC FB-ARC FB-GG FB-LIP Misc MPFG-Affekt
MPFG-Musik MPFG-REaD MPRG-NSC mrt PR User Verwaltung
krause@master:~/MPIB-SAMBA/dfs1> $
After a while the automatic access granting ticket will expire and you might see an error like this:
.. code-block:: bash
krause@master:~> $ ls MPIB-SAMBA/mpib11
ls: cannot open directory MPIB-SAMBA/mpib11: Permission denied
In that case you can run the script :program:`` to manually
refresh your ticket and re-mount the network folders in :file:`MPIB-SAMBA/`. No
shell or program may access the folder at that time.
.. _osxfuse:
.. _macfusion:
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