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- pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme
- apk --no-cache add make
- make html
- make html # fix some toc/include related warnings
- mkdir public
- mv _build/html/* public/
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Torque **(End-Of-Life)**
`Torque`_ is a **PBS**-based resource manager, originally developed by NASA and
`Torque <>`_ is a **PBS**-based resource manager, originally developed by NASA and
currently maintained by Adaptive Computing Inc. A necessary, but problematic
requirement for Torque is the independent scheduler. For a long time we used
the open source product Maui, which hadn't seen an update for many years and
......@@ -12,6 +12,5 @@ became incompatible to some of the more recent feature of Torque.
.. include:: torque/jobs.rst
.. include:: torque/commands.rst
.. include:: torque/dependencies.rst
.. include:: torque/resources.rst
.. _torque:
Job Dependencies
In certain scenarios it may be useful to submit jobs or chunks of jobs which depend on each other. For example, consider this three-stage pipeline:
.. image:: ../img/job_stages.svg
.. image:: /img/job_stages.svg
In a first stage there are four jobs with ids 1 through 4. These four jobs can
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ dependency systems to specify the structure of the three stages so you only
have to submit once.
Submit Example
Every time you submit a job with qsub you can add a dependency list to that job
and ask to only run on certain conditions. For instance, to run job 5 only
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