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add CalendarView

Bengfort requested to merge calendar into main


This adds a simple calendar view which contains:

  • date when a study was registered
  • date when a study is expected to end (or, if not available, an expected end 1 year after registration)
  • date when a data collection starts
  • date when a data collection ends

The view only aggregates information that is already available, so the view does not require special permissions. It is not linked from anywhere though because I expect it to be of little use to most users.

Having this in a UI view is much simpler (on a technical level) than sending notification emails. We do not need to store whether a notification has already been sent, and we also do not have to decide whether we need to send a new notification when the study changes.

You could argue that we just shift that complexity to the user, but I believe that these edges cases are easy to decide for a human with more context. Still, many users already are proficient in using their inbox as a task tracker, so email definitely has its benefits.

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