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ARC storage

Bengfort requested to merge arc-storage into main

This allows to create a storage folder when a study is created. Currently this is optional and only used when Department.enable_storage is set. Since this is intertwined with study management, it is part of the studies app.

  • The storage folder is created when a study is created. It always uses the same template (currently "online").
  • Study owners also get read+write access to storage. The storage permissions are updated whenever the study is edited.
    • I added a corresponding help text to the owners field. However, it is only displayed if we already know that this study uses storage, i.e. not when the study is initially created. This problem would go away if we created storage folders for all studies.
  • Even though the storage location is displayed, it is far from obvious for users that a storage folder has been created. If users do not understand that there is a dedicated storage folder they cannot use it. I thought about several options, but was not happy about any of them:
    • If this is used a lot it might become expected so that we do not really have to add more hints.
    • Display a success message after the folder has been created. (These messages are commonly ignored by users and also vanish on navigation, so they can easily be missed)
    • Show a big and long animation saying "we are now creating your storage folder" (this is what ARC does)
    • Let users create the folder themselves via a highly noticeable button
    • Add a highly noticeable message to the displayed storage location that vanishes once it has been acknowledged by the user.
    • Add a highly noticeable message to the displayed storage location that vanishes once there are files in the folder
  • Depends on The functionality could be implemented without it, but that would be more complicated and also much less efficient.
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