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Add some explanations to the UI

Bengfort requested to merge ui-wording into main

User testing showed that -- while most of the UI is self-explanatory -- it is not clear what happens after you save the initial study registration form. I therefore added a short explanations to the registration form. Note that this note is displayed both when a new study is created as well as when a study is updated later on.


Users were also confused what the goal of this tool is. Some said that they expected to be able to manage file permissions by using this tool. However, currently this tool can only collect information so it is not lost when researchers leave the institute. I tried to explain that. I also used the term "study profile" ("Studiensteckbrief") in some places to further highlight that idea.

On a related note, I also renamed the "data set" module to "data storage". I hope that better explains what users are expected to enter here.

My concern is that all of these wording changes are geared towards the current feature set. It is quite possible that other features will be added later, and that the wording choices will no longer work in that new context.

I propose to merge this anyway because YAGNI.

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