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complete overview on study execution

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......@@ -8,6 +8,25 @@ Study execution lists all particpating subjects of a list. Most importantly it
allows you to obtain pseudonyms for each participant as described here:
The **List** tab simply shows all participants regardless of whether they have
an appointment. For each entry it will present a color coded reliability score,
the appointment states and assigned tags. The **Calendar** tab allows you to
view all participants with appointments (week, month and list views). The
**By pseudonym** tab offers a search for participants by specifying study
specific pseudonyms (see :ref:`subject-by-pseudonym`).
The **News** tab offers a mail form to contact all interested participants on
recent study outcomes, study specific events or similar. After sending such a
message and if applicable Castellum will send you an additional mail that
lists all participants who want to be informed via postal mail.
The **Tags** tab allows you to edit, add or delete tags that should be used to
tag participants during study execution in order to support your workflows or
the like.
The **Progress** tab gives insights on the current number of participants and
.. _execution-annotations:
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