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......@@ -78,5 +78,31 @@ The **Subject Manager** enters data records of subjects in Castellum and makes
changes to existing ones. Castellum offers the **Subject Manager** the following
- Search for individual subjects in the database,
- See
- See, add and edit contact data and attributes ob individual subjects and
- Obtain recruitment consents of subjects.
If persons take on the role of **Recruiter** and additionally **Subject Manager**,
they can simultaneously ensure data maintenance in Castellum when contacting
subjects for recruitment purposes. For this purpose, characteristics and contact
details of subjects are continuously updated and supplemented.
Study Conductor
We envisage this role for employees from the study programme who collect
scientific data in a study with or on subjects. In order to implement this with
the help of Castellum, the **Study Conductor** can view the participation
pseudonyms of the respective subjects in the database.
If a subject is participating in a study for the first time, the **Study
Conductor** can obtain both the study consent and the recruitment consent on site.
Study Coordinator
The study coordination is embodied by the **Study Coordinator**. This person
inserts studies into the database and defines the settings for them. To fulfil
this task, the **Study Coordinator** can perform the following functions in
- Generate, start, break and stop studies,
- See and edit filters for study recruitment,
- Allocate a role within the study to certain persons via **Member management**
(e.g. define recruiters for the study),
- Define **Recruitment texts** and
- Upload templates of study consent documents for studies.
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