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Subject management
At its core, castellum can be used to record which subjects have participated
in which studies. This allows to keep track of all data related to a subject,
e.g. to export or delete all of it on request.
Relevant guides:
- :ref:`subject-create`
- :ref:`subject-delete`
- :ref:`study-create`
- :ref:`study-delete`
.. TODO::
- add subject to study
- get a subject's pseudonym
- maintenance
It is possible to find potential subjects for a study from the pool of subjects
that have been entered into castellum. They can then be contacted either
manually or automatically via email. Subjects are only considered if they have
given consent to recruitment and if their attributes match the filters that
have been defined in the study.
Relevant guides:
- :ref:`consent`
- :ref:`recruitment`
.. TODO::
- manage attribute descriptions
- attribute download
Castellum can be used to manage appointments for test session. It will send
reminder mails to subjects automatically. You can also define resources such as
rooms or machines that can not be used in more than one appointment at a time.
Relevant guides:
.. TODO::
- manage study sessions
- make appointments
- manage resources
- access calendar feeds
- use external scheduler
.. TODO::
- custom groups
- news
.. _consent:
Consent Management
.. _subject-delete:
Data Protection: Deleting a subject from Castellum
......@@ -37,6 +39,8 @@ please proceed as follows:
- Delete all of these study participations by clicking on **Delete** next to
**Study details**
.. _study-delete:
Data Maintenance: Deleting a study from Castellum
.. _study-create:
Study Coordination: Creating a new study
.. _recruitment:
Recruitment of participants for a study
.. _subject-create:
Subject Management: Creating a subject in Castellum
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ Welcome to castellum-docs's documentation!
.. toctree::
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