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......@@ -65,3 +65,38 @@ Recruit subjects via mail
4. Enter the number of subjects that you want to contact
5. Click **Send**
.. _recruitment-appointments:
Make appointments for sessions
.. note::
This describes setting up appointments **for** the participants manually by
Castellum users. There is also a guide on how to use the optional external
scheduler feature in Castellum that offers potential participants to select
appointments by themselves: :ref:`make-appointments-with-external-scheduler`.
If you are recruiting for a study that has at least one session Castellum allows
you to set up appointments of the participants:
1. In recruitment click on **Contact** in the *Open* list or on **Review** in the
*Participating* list to get the details of the participant. Go to the tab
2. The tab **Appointments** offers a date and time field for every session of
the study. Click and populate those session fields that need to be appointed
at this moment.
3. The **Calendar** button in the **Appointments** tab opens a new window and
allows you to have a look at all already appointed sessions of the study.
This calendar will also show appointments of resources if they are connected
to a study session.
.. warning::
Castellum only detects appointment collisions for connected resources! In
other words Castellum allows you to save various concurrent appointments if
the session doesn't have a resource connected.
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