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......@@ -7,3 +7,20 @@ How can I contact subjects by pseudonym after the study is finished?
Finding subjects by pseudonym is no longer possible once the study has
finished. If you need to contact a subject after the study is finished we
recommend to :ref:`resume the study <study-finish>` temporarily.
How can I edit subject data as recruiter or study conductor?
Recruiters and conductors are only allowed to access subject data of
participants within study context. Yet, this workflow allows to edit the subject
data of them:
- Search for the participant via **Subjects** on the home screen.
- Select either **Recruitment** or **Execution** (whichever is applicable) in
the **Matches** list to go to the subject details view.
- Click on **Update data** and select appropriate categories that need to be
edited. Edit and save the forms accordingly.
Although it has a slightly different look and feel you can get reference on
editing subject data here: :ref:`subject-edit`.
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