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Attribute descriptions

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......@@ -42,10 +42,10 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`recruitment`
- :ref:`recruitment-mail`
- :ref:`study-recruitment-settings`
- :ref:`admin-attributes`
.. TODO::
- manage attribute descriptions
- attribute download
......@@ -41,6 +41,52 @@ Customize Roles
6. Click on one of the saving options
.. _admin-attributes:
Add Attribute Descriptions
Castellum allows to dynamically add attribute descriptions that can be used to
store filterable information on subjects. This takes into account that there are
only very few attributes that can be seen as commonly used at every institute.
1. Click on **Admin** on the front page
2. Go to **Attribute description**
3. Click on **Add attribute description** (oval with grey background)
4. Select an appropriate **Field type** that should be used for the attribute
5. **URL** allows you to link to a formal definition that may clarify baseline
or rather scientific grounding of the attribute
.. note::
This is used to support Attribute Export in BIDS format. Hence, it is
only shown in admin interface. For example, a Handedness attribute could
link to a definition at
` <>`_.
6. Set **privacy levels** of the attribute for **read** and **write**
7. **Order** and **Category** can be used to position the attribute in UI
8. **Statistics rank** can be used to set this attribute as primary or
secondary feature that should be presented in statistics of recruitment
.. note::
Castellum offers to set up two attributes to be used in statistics of
recruitment. If there is already a primary or secondary attribute it
will show an error warning. Accordingly, you have to deselect a primary
or secondary attribute first to select a new one.
9. **Label** should be the actual name of the attribute. Be sure to provide
translations if Castellum is set to support more than one language
10. If appropriate, fill in all **Attribute choices** (if needed also add
translations) that represent the possible values of the attribute and will
be used for filtering
.. note::
Attributes will always allow to select **Declined to answer**. So, there
is no need to specify this as an attribute choice. Furthermore, all
three ChoiceField types will automatically provide an **Unknown**
.. _admin-consent-document:
Upload a consent document
......@@ -74,5 +120,3 @@ case there is a two step process:
up in the data protection dashboard.
The legal basis for each subject can be found in the subject detail view.
......@@ -91,12 +91,12 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`admin-users`
- :ref:`admin-unlock`
- :ref:`admin-roles`
- :ref:`admin-attributes`
- :ref:`admin-consent-document`
.. TODO::
- manage resources
- manage attribute descriptions
Study specific roles
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