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......@@ -190,8 +190,8 @@ your study:
Manage study pseudonym domains
In the **Pseudonym domains** tab you can add a new domain or change the name of
an existing domain.
In the **Pseudonym domains** tab you can create, rename, and delete pseudonym
If there are general domains you can also define which general domains need to
be accessed in the context of this study.
......@@ -60,6 +60,17 @@ Relevant guides:
- :ref:`subject-get-pseudonym`
- :ref:`subject-delete`
Deleting domains
It is possible to delete a domain and all related pseudonyms. Once a pseudonym
is deleted, it is no longer possible to find the corresponding contact
information. Note, however, that additional steps might be necessary for full
anonymization of scientific data (e.g. image data).
The date when a study domain should be deleted is usually defined in the ethics
application and the study consent form.
How pseudonyms are generated
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