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.. _execution-attribute-export:
Export attributes of participants
You may want to initially populate your scientific data with a listing of
known attributes of the participants. Therefore, Castellum allows you to export
attributes of all participants sorted by a pseudonym.
.. note::
This feature only allows to export those attributes that are specified in
study management as **Exportable recruitment attributes**.
You are only allowed to export attributes if your privacy level is matching
those of the *highest rated* attribute and/or participant.
If there is more than one study specific pseudonym domain set up in study
management you will have to select the domain that should be used for export.
The export will provide a zipped file containing of an attributes file and a
schema file that allows you to comprehend the actual values in the attributes
file. Depending on your Castellum setup the attributes file will be provided
as custom ``json`` or ``tsv`` (as
`BIDS compliant participants file <>`_
) file.
.. _execution-annotations:
Conductor Annotations on participants
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