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Example for appointment trading

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......@@ -20,7 +20,26 @@ Find the different types of calendars
3. Under "Per Resource" find all occupied slots for all resources.
- The list of resources is configurable by your institution (TODO link to resources guide)
- The list of resources is configurable by your institution
.. TODO::
- link to resources guide
.. admonition:: Example
The MPI for Human Development uses a two-step process for booking
appointments of shared resources:
1. A *resource committee* allocates time slots fairly across upcoming
studies (in a dedicated room booking system outside of Castellum).
2. Study recruiters are allowed to assign appointments within these time
slots (in Castellum).
In order to check availability of a resource it is sufficient to subscribe
to the "Per Resource" feed. However, to check whether it is possible to swap
open slots with other studies users have to match this feed information with
the external calendar view of the room booking system.
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