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......@@ -5,16 +5,25 @@ Search for a subject
1. Click on **Subjects** on the front page
2. Enter the first name and surname, or the email address, or the phone number
2. Enter the first name and surname, the email address, or the phone number
- The second first name can be specified, but does not have to be
- Keep the order as indicated
- No comma needed
3. Click on **Submit**
The search results will also include guardians and, depening on your
permissions, study participations.
3. Confirm by clicking **Submit**
4. Under the **Matches** tab all matching subjects or their guardians are listed
* Next to their name the date of birth is listed and, if provided, also their
email address
* If either parts of their name or their email address are matched exactly by your
search terms, this part is highlighted in yellow
* **Details** will take you to the subject overview page
* If a subject has any study participations, they are listed below in this order:
name of the study, the name of the responsible contact person and the participation
status. The buttons **Recruitment** and **Execution** (if the study is still in
execution) lead to recruitment and execution for this study. Note that whether you
can see study participations is dependent on your permissions
.. _subject-create:
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