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example of how we can use django-db-mailer inside of app

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Example shows how we can use django-db-mailer app to send html emails

Info: Django module to easily send emails/push/sms/tts using django templates stored in a database. From box you can use it with django-celery for send background messages. Also you have opportunity to create reports from logs by mail categories and slug. Groups with Recipients and send by model signal also available by default. Can be used without any depends from programming language as a external service. That app very simple to install and use on your projects.


  1. We don't have to save templates in variables anymore. Plain text files or templates save in db can be used.
  2. We have different backend which we can use - sms, push, email. If required we can write our own backend.
  3. DB-Mailer can be used with Celery.

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