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Draft: Recruitment last acticity filters

Bengfort requested to merge recruitment-time-filters into main

This replaces the urgent recruitment mechanism introduced in !2141 (merged) with a more flexible filter mechanism. Study managers can define a lower and upper bound for the last allowed activity of a subject.

  • The allowed time frame is defined by users instead of a global setting
  • If there are no participations Subject.created_at is counted as activity

There are currently still some issues

  • Recruiting a subject to a study can make them unsuitable for that same study
    • can probably be fixed by excluding the study itself
  • An already recruited subject may become unsuitable
    • maybe we should distinguish between filters that apply during initial recruitment and filters that apply later on -- that could be a bigger refactoring
  • It is unclear to me why a study manager would want to use this filter. This fits much better fits with recruiters. But this is what users requested -- I will have to get more feedback.

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