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Residual recruitment data (data protection dashboard)

Bengfort requested to merge residual-recruitment-data into main

I made some UI changes to urge users to remove recruitment data when there is no recruitment consent:

  • subjects with residual recruitment data show up in the data protection dashboard
  • a warning is shown in the attributes tab
  • a new view allows to clear all recruitment data at once

To make this more intuitive I defined "recruitment data" as exactly the data that can be edited in the "recruitment attributes" tab. So additional suitability documents are currently not covered. If we want to include them I recommend to move them to the same tab.

Note that there can be cases in which it is legitimate to keep recruitment data even if recruitment consent is not available:

  • The subject does not want to be contacted for recruitment, but also does not want to provide the same information over and over again for each study. So they give explicit consent for storing attributes. This is not covered by this approach.
  • Recruitment consent is removed in order to be replaced by a new one. There is a short period between revoking the old one and requesting the new one. This is the main reason why I think automating this is not feasible. I expect this to be covered by organizational processes.


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