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Improve cleanup

Bengfort requested to merge improve-cleanup into main

Fixes some of the points mentioned in #152 (closed):

  • The cleanup link is styled as a button (secondary), so it is not clear whether clicking this link will already trigger an irreversible action. This means that some users do not even get to the UI that gives further information.
    • No change
  • "Keine Treffer" (the german translation for "mismatch") can be understood to mean "there are no participation that would be cleaned up with this option" rather than "clean up those participations that are not a match for the current set of filters"
    • "mismatch" was also not a perfect fit. I checked which wording we use in the warning in the participation detail view ("unsuitable") and changed it accordingly.
    • This point indicates that users expect a preview of how many entries will be cleaned up, so I added that.
  • It is unclear whether participations with unknown attributes will be cleaned up with the "mismatch" option (they will)
    • Only deleting participations that are guaranteed to not be a match is more in line with what we do elsewhere, so I changed it.
  • It is unclear whether participations with status "follow-up scheduled" will be cleaned up with the "mismatch" option (they will)
    • I excluded them from cleanup
  • The "excluded by cleanup" badge is good, but users are not informed about it before triggering a cleanup.
    • I added short explanation to the opening paragraph.


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