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add fetch_scheduler_appointments command

Bengfort requested to merge scheduler-command into main

Since the scheduler no longer tells us what changed we need to fetch everything every time. The only restriction I put in place is that the study has to be in execution status.

The order of cron jobs in interesting: The results of fetch_scheduler_appointments could influence send_appointment_reminders. However, cron executes the jobs in parallel (even if we start one job before than the other, there is no guarantee that it is finished). I don't think this is super important though: If I have selected my time slot for tomorrow just now I do not really need a reminder.

Another implication from the scheduler API change is that appointments only show up in castellum after the script has run (currently once a day). We decided that conflicts must be handled on a different level, so that is not a problem. Still, users might be confused if a subject calls them about an appointment that has not yet been fetched by castellum. We can mitigate this issue simply by increasing the frequency.

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