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Resource manager calendar

Bengfort requested to merge resource-manager-calendar into main

This combines !2080 (closed) and !2081 (closed) and adds UI on top.

Some things to note:

  • In !2080 (closed) and !2081 (closed) I tried a step-by-step approach. However I felt I got stuck so this is an opionated all-in-one approach. If the result happens to be exactly what we want it can be merged as-is. Otherwise I am happy to break it up into smaller parts.
  • Icon: Resources can be anything from cars to rooms to MRIs to small handheld devices. As always it was not easy finding a matching icon. I pondered the tractor but ended up with the tools icon. That was already used for admin so I changed that to use a gear icon instead.
  • app: I put the views in the appointments app. It could also go into studies (because that is where the resource model is defined), execution (because that is where the links go to) or a brand new app.
  • permissions: I used the permission model outlined in !2081 (closed), but without !2084 (closed). See there for relevant discussions
  • front page visibility: the tile is only displayed if the user can manage any resource. This implies that it is hidden when there are no resources.
  • list item visibility: the list view lists all resources, but only includes "detail" buttons for the ones that a user is allowed to manage
  • execution permissions: study membership and the conduct_study permission are generally ignored. So the resource calendar might link to an execution page that the user is not allowed to access. We usually avoid defunct links. In this case we want to leave this to organisational processes, so having a defunct link can help users find issues with their process. (I don't think this is ideal, but an OK short-term solution). The subject's name is also shown regardless of conduct_study, it only depends on privacy level.
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