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based on !1946 (merged)
based on !1985 (merged)

This is a first (simple) draft of how study-independent domains (e.g. for reusable bio samples) could work.

  • There is no dedicated UI to create independent domains. I had the impression that the django admin UI is sufficient.
  • There is no concept for limited consent (e.g. "I agree to use my samples only for research that is related to X").
  • As always, there can be only one pseudonym per subject in each domain.

Still TODO:

  • The UI is visible regardless of whether independent domains exist or not.
  • I just added a new form to the bottom of the study domains page. There is definitely room for UI improvement. UI text could be improved.
  • That mapping of pseudonyms to each other and of pseudonyms to contact data should be secured. The execution overview page is a footgun because it allows to leak a lot of data with a single screenshot/printout/photo. This was already the case before but gets much worse with general domains because they are not scoped to studies. There should be some form of mitigation. (see !1985 (merged), !1986 (merged))
  • We do not track whether there is data for general domains, so their existence does not block subject deletion (see !1971 (closed))
  • Every subject has a pseudonym in every domain, regardless of whether a sample exists or not. (see !1971 (closed))
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