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# Castellum

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates that
organizations maintain a comprehensive inventory of the data they hold
on individuals. This requirement poses challenges within research
institutes, where researchers traditionally have a high degree of
autonomy in organizing their work.
Castellum addresses this by serving as a centralized repository,
enabling researchers to disclose the individuals from whom they have
gathered data. Additionally, Castellum allows to track recruitment
consent for those individuals, thereby creating a recruitment pool for
future research projects.

## Features

-   **GDPR Compliance**: Castellum is a central place where researchers
    disclose the individuals from whom they have gathered data, so that
    requests for access or erasure can be handled efficiently.
-   **Pseudonym service**: Contact details are stored in Castellum so
    all other databases can work with pseudonyms instead.
-   **Recruitment**: Castellum allows you to find potential participants
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    from an existing pool using study specific filters.
-   **Appointments**: You can manage appointments for test sessions.
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## Quickstart

First install some system packages. The exact command depends on your
operating system. This is an example for Ubuntu:

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    sudo apt install python3-pip python3-venv npm make gettext sqlite3 gdal-bin libsqlite3-mod-spatialite

After that, running `make` inside the project folder will install all
dependencies and start a test server. You can then log in with username
"admin" and password "password".

For more detailled instructions, see the [developer

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## Release Schedule

-   Minor releases are published roughly every three months
-   Beta releases might be published to offer previews on new features
-   Bug fix releases are published on demand

## Links

-   Contact:
-   Demo:
-   Source code:
-   Releases:
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-   End-user documentation:
-   Code of conduct: