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Code was used for the StateSwitch study at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development.
The experiment was implemented in Psychtoolbox for EEG and MRI and is provided without guarantee that it works in any other setting than the one intended.
During the EEG session the following programs were run:
- Resting state (eyes closed, eyes open)
- Stroop task (auditory response)
- MAT practice
- MAT task
- Stoop task (post-task)
During the MRI session, only MAT practice and task were performed.
The random 'square' experiment is based on the coherent random dot code created in the Shadlen lab.
Credit goes to the original code authors (Tony Movshon, Maria Mckinley, Jian Wang et al.).
A copy of the original code can be downloaded from
Maintainer: Julian Q. Kosciessa
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